Restricted Zone

Restricted Zone
Welcome to visit our website every day and enjoy free games with many topics selected. This day, a zombie theme we selected is especially for you. 'Restricted Zone' is a game created by Titan Games Studio. This is a free addictive shooting action game.

You are a police soldier and the delegation goes on a special vehicle into the forest to catch criminals. But all were lost in a mysterious, frightening forest and there was the appearance of zombies. The life and death of the police convoy depend on you. You are equipped with weapons that are guns, zombies will appear unexpectedly and every time a lot, you must be really agile, creative movement and use guns to destroy all zombies are coming close and assassinate you. Your mission will not be easy, because you are alone and the number of zombies is very large. Be really alert and destroy all zombies, escape from that mysterious area and return to life. Looking to bring your zombie fighting skills to a new level? Earn money to buy new weapons and upgrades to protect yourself. Good luck! Enjoy!

Developer: Restricted Zone is made by Titan Games Studio.
Initial release game date: August 2019
Platform: Android, Web browser, iOS
The game has similar content: Zombie games.

- WASD or Arrows to move;
- Left Mouse to shoot;
- Right Mouse to roll.