Rio Rex

Rio Rex Game
After Miami Rex, New York Rex, Paris Rex, London Rex, Mexico Rex, and LA Rex the bloodthirsty tyrannosaurus rex has landed on the Rio de Janeiro City of Brazil.

After a series of human torture and harassment, and transferred to the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro. Now our T-Rex wild animal moves to the city of Rio de Janeiro by crane and is tied tightly with cables. Unfortunately, this T-Rex dinosaur got angry and escaped to the ground. And the human and mortal battle of humanity and dinosaurs began, its riots have climbed. Control this fierce T-rex and destroy everything your way!
Take on a bloody rampage through the city of Rio de Janeiro and get ready for some fun as you try to escape each level. Eat meat, kill car and spitfire. Your goal is to bake everyone with your flaming fire and leave none of them alive. Feel free to rest the city down with them!
The most terrifying T-Rex of all time is back. This giant creature is in the city of Rio de Janeiro. The whole country is alarmed but there is nothing they can do. Rex will destroy everyone and everything. Control T Rex, smash, shoot cars, eat people and complete every 16 levels.

We are always looking forward to bringing you the best free games available every day for you. This game is available for free on our website. Much fun! Have fun! Enjoy now!

* Features:
- Control a dinosaur on the lose
- Variety of levels to unlock, each with its own challenge
- The more carnage you create the higher your score
- One player
-The game gets a lot of players and downloads through addictive content and beautiful graphics
- Beautiful graphics, Attractive content.

* How to play:
Use the ARROW KEYS and the MOUSE.
Enjoy the Rio Rex game, share with your friends play together. What are you waiting for? Let's start playing. Have fun!

Use the ARROW KEYS and the MOUSE.