Rocket Clash 3D

Rocket Clash 3D
Rocket Clash 3D is one of the best games in our shooting game theme. In this game, the action of the brutal attack will test your nerves to become a realistic sniper gunner and kill the enemies. You lead a force of resistance troopers who are trying to win back control of a secret missile base.

You are a well-trained member of the Special Forces and Special Forces teams. Your weapons are a tactical AKS and an amazing and deadly hidden rocket launcher. Lead the resistance squad of special forces opposed to attempts of enemy intelligence agents to establish control over the missile base.
Rocket Clash 3D is an amazing third-person shooter, is a tactical team shooter, full of adrenaline and reckless action with awesome graphics and fun gameplay. Beautiful three-dimensional graphics and astonishing landscapes provide the full depth of immersion. In this battle, you’ll harness the power of a tactical shortened version of the famous AKS and a secret rocket weapon hidden in the depths of the level.  Be wary of acid pools of toxic rocket fuel and explore the network of underground tunnels.

Play as a professional gunner, you will solve quests to destroy the enemy. We hope that after playing this addictive game you will continue to visit and play for free other games available on our website You can also play other games with content similar to this game: Subway Clash 3D, Farm Clash 3D. Much fun! Have fun!
Freeway Interactive (Andrew Panov) made this game.

- A fast-paced and fun third-person shooter game
Hazardous liquid
- Third-person shooter multiplayer game
- Set on an underground military base
- Cool 3D graphics and smooth actions
- Upgradeable character
- A new rocket that can be found in the arena
- Hidden rocket weapon to use.

- WASD to move
- C to crouch
- Tab to open score table.