Save The Girl 2

Save The Girl 2
A masterpiece of addictive puzzle game will be introduced and provided for free by for you to enjoy, with series of two games: Save The Girl and Save The Girl 2.
This may be the most addictive series of puzzle games in recent times, played and downloaded by many people around the world.
This collection of games is brain test to save the girl from the villains chasing her! Each level presents you with a situation in which you will have to use your IQ and intelligence to solve. There are many levels of play, in each level there will be two answers, you must analyze and choose only one correct answer. This is a fun and simple puzzle game, it is not easy because choosing the wrong answer, you have to play again.
Be really alert, slow, creative and choose the right answers to pass each level of play, rescue the girl. Much fun! Enjoy!

- Don’t get fooled!
- So many levels to play
- Fun for the whole family
- Simple and Addicting Gameplay

Use the mouse to play this game.