Scrap Metal

Scrap Metal
Scrap Metal, a 3D driving game featuring 6 awesome cars! These amazing racing cars include a Ford Mustang, Pagani Zonda, Nissan GT-R, Jeep Cherokee, Mini Cooper hay Ford Fiesta's Ford Fiesta.

There is no specific mission in this game, you can do whatever you want with your cars; whether it is making flips using the ramps, speeding through the area, drifting around, or even crashing your cars to turn them into scrap metal! Your car parts can be destroyed when you crash. But with freedom of playing. That's the thing, which allows to every player find his own goal in the game. According to his fantasy.

Extreme stunts Racing is a trend these days. We sure about you will be amazed after play this mind-blowing and stunning game. Our purpose of entertaining the users or game lovers. This game is in the top racing stunts game, after download and play this game please inform us about the quality of the stunts.
The amazing and unbelievable stunts you will see when you will drive your car through tubes and the tracks which are .. Try to manage your speed by focusing the tracks.

We guarantee you can't complete this game easily this will make you the expert in driving and your dreams will come true after performing the stunts. Much fun! Have fun!

- Gorgeous graphics, compelling content
- Different Stunts
- Time Mode
- Stunt you car Exact
- Realistic Physics
- Extreme Driving
- Addictive games and are a lot of players and download.

. WASD or arrow keys to drive
. 1-7 to change view
. T to enter slow motion
. Shift to clutch
. Enter to reset car
. R to repair car.