Slice Rush

Slice Rush
You want to be challenged in the game using a knife to cut fruits, food ..? You are fascinated by games like slicing meat and vegetables and so on, enjoy the fun with our new game Slicing. Chop like a real master.

This new 3D 3D slicing game will change the trend of cutting / slicing fruits & vegetables. You need to cut food items and reach the next level.

We give you some interesting goals to cut with your knife and more silly things. In our knife-cutting game! Sounds interesting, right. Why wait to download this app for free and enjoy non-stop fun. Play now! Have fun!

- Endless game
- Easy to use.
- Exciting and addictive slicing game.
- Bonus extra to make money.

- Slice the items with a knife
- More Chops/slicing on the items displayed would give you more score
- A higher score would help you to pass the level
- Lots of challenging levels
- Use the mouse to play this game.