Slime Maker

Welcome to visit our website with our free games specially selected for all of you. Today we will bring you a game enjoyed by the kids, especially girls. The game blends available mixes and creates a very interesting and relaxing slime mixture. That's the game '' Slime Maker''

Now you can either buy it at the store or you can join us and learn how to DIY while playing our brand-new game for girls called Slime Maker. We found the easiest slime recipe you will ever get to try so for sure you will have a lot of fun making it as you’ll have playing with. One by one measure the ingredients and then stir them well into the large bowl. Then add food coloring to the glue concoction in the hue of your choice and mix. Sprinkle some glitter in your favorite shape and color and you’ll have your slime ready to play right away.
Playing with slime is so much fun and relaxing… and of course it can get messy too sometimes but we are not going to deny the joy of running our fingers through this colorful, glittery and jelly type of dough, right?

Use this slime maker to make slime in all colors and decorate as good as you can! Can you create some slime that looks super gross and super cool too? Much fun! Have fun!

- Play and make your simulated slime on PC or your phone.
- Kids don’t eat slime and don’t make when alone make when your parents are present at spot.
- Because making slime is ok but don’t eat slime because slime is not edible.

Use the mouse to play this game.