Sling Drift

Sling Drift
Sling Drift is a fun and simple car racing game. Feeling the drift of the car, the drift game completes the guideline with the perfect drift inside the circle. Get ready to drift your car and prove yourself that you are adrift master! Fast action drifting with your car around an endless race track.

Sling Drift is controlled only by the mouse, but it is also a game that offers you a challenge. Start the engine and take a ride on the crazy paths. Drive to every turn and be careful not to crush the car.
How far can you get through uneven paths? Capture the circles and calculate when you release the bond. How many levels will you pass? Try to endure as long as possible and overcome your previous records. Only real masters and super sports cars can easily surpass other racing cars. At the end of each level, you get diamonds, and then you can unlock other cars.

Sling Drift is game for all age and completely FREE to play on website! Now play and become the best driver in the world! Enjoy Sling Drift game, share with your friends play together. What are you waiting for? Let's start playing. Have fun!

Developer: Sling Drift is made by tastypill.
Release game Date: November 2018
Platform: Web browser (desktop and mobile)
The game has similar content:Racing games

- One player
- Difficulty levels vary
- Nice graphics, beautiful and smooth car driver directory
- challenge with friends
- Attractive and interesting drift car adventure
- Very few people can pass level 30!
- Easy to play with one-touch controls
- Addiction and lots of fun
- The most challenging racing game!
- Crazy game experience, addictive and fast driving
- Nice graphics, gorgeous drift game, and smooth sling drifting car.

Use the mouse to play this game.