Soccer Legends 2018

Soccer Legends 2018
You are a football fanatic, you want to try out a football game, we will meet you, a football match-up game of the famous club in the world. This game can be played by yourself or you can play 2 players.
Choose a favorite football club and play as a famous football player. Strategy attack and defense when you step up to victory.
Choose your big head team and score many goals as deyverson. You can destroy your enemies with kicks in single player mode or in 2-player mode – play with friend funny gameplay, for example, nolito versus guidetti. Practice kicks in perfect physics simulation and goal like deyverson. You can jump, pass or foul like nolito.

- With your favorite team selections
- One or two players
- Upgrades: kick, jump, speed
- Splitscreen multiplayer for two players on single mobile device
- Achievements, high score, big head manager
- Best physics for the ball and mad goals

Player 1: Arrow keys to move, Z to use super shot, and X for regular shot.
Player 2: WASD to move, K to use super shot, and L for regular shot.