Sports Car Challenge

Sports Car Challenge
Sports Car Challenge is the latest and one of the best car racing simulators! Drive fast high-speed racing one of the best car racing simulator games! Race, drift and crash real sports cars around race tracks and winding roads, explore the huge open city driving.

What better way to discover a beautiful city by yourself than from behind the wheel of a luxury sports car? Choose one of the impressive, highly detailed cars and show off your driving skills in this demanding environment. The city is your greatest friend and the biggest enemy. It will surprise and amaze you with its views, while demanding your attention with narrow roads and crowded intersections.
In addition to driving around the city, you will enter the intricate labyrinth of many other beautiful scenes, a track where there are a lot of your missions to control your car according to your interests. . That's where you'll have to drive with the utmost care. Going out to the sun again after a visit in one of them will be a separate reward. But of course not the only one.

Get ready for a racing game experience like never before! Challenge your racing, drifting and driving skills, driving and adventure alone to your liking. Sports Car Challenge one of the best free car driving simulations. Much fun! Enjoy!

- Authentic and real sports car vehicles
- Realistic car driving game physics
- 3D car simulator game that set in a big city with a port
- Choose a desirable car's color from the palette with RGBA picker
- Five missions to complete
- Rain weather
- Full-screen available
- Multiple dynamic HD camera angles
- Hugely open-world driving simulator with city, the race track has many containers...

- WASD or arrow keys to drive the sport car;
- C to switch the camera;
- G to reset the car;
- Esc to open the menu;
- Shift to use nitro;
- R to reset the game scene.