Sports Car Driver

Sports Car Driver
Sports Car Driver is the most extreme free car racing simulator of 2019. Drive the most furious racing and sports cars at illegal speeds, drift all around the almost-endless widest open city ever seen on racing the traffic.

The game is open world and you are free to do what you want with cars. We upgraded its realistic racing physics engine, so max the revs, stunts, drift and feel the rear suspension and racing brakes. Do extreme burnouts and melt your wheels into the city asphalt.
with 16 sports cars for you to choose. Each of the available vehicles is a work of art, a beauty in form and performance. Luxury sports cars, every one of them is a pure joy to drive. You can perform some cool tricks and drifts and try to race as fast as possible. The physics are cool, and the car driving gameplay is realistic.

Sports Car Driver is a physics engine drift auto game. If you like Simulator Games, drifting, crushing try it. Smooth controls, realistic auto physics. Test your real drift skills. The Main Game Mode is 100% FREE to play. Have fun! Enjoy!

- Two big maps to play
- 16 car options to drive
- Easy controller
- Realistic driving experience and feelings
- Beautiful Graphics
- Realistic sound environment
- Each car has a different engine sound
- Realistic physics
- Tablet support and FULL HD support
- FULL HD graphics with high quality.

- WASD or arrow keys to drive;
- C to change camera view;
- B to look back;
- G to slow down time.