Stickman Fighter Epic Battles 2

Fighter Epic Battles 2
This is the sequel of the Stickman Fighter: Epic Battle. Stickman Fighter Epic Battles 2 is a game of skill and speed in which you will need to string together catches, kicks and punches.

In this game, Help the stickman to take down the enemies from both sides! You have a tons of different weapons available: swords, truncheon, thor's hammer, wraith scythe, unique cudgel, ali baba's tulwar, simbad's scimitar, grandpa's carbine", barana's star spike Mace, Gandalf's walking stick, bulgarian's umbrella, two handed mace, la guitarra, nimbus 3000 broom, decapitator heavy axe, ninja's bo staff, lancelot's lance, gladiator's sword, poseidon's trident, masters' sword, zangetsu, buster's sword, hattori hanzo's finest blade... and so many more
Every weapon has different characteristics and you have to play wisely to defeat the ennemy. Make sure the enemies don’t kick or punch you, or you will die !!! Be ready to quickly move, punch and kick as you use a wide variety of dangerous weapons to devastate as much foes as you can in Stickman Fighter: Epic Battles!

Check out the most epic stickman fight ever! You must defend yourself and kick all the ennemies. Whatever happens ! Much fun! Enjoy!

Developer: Stickman Fighter Epic Battles 2 is made by Playtouch
Release game Date: June 2019
Platform: Web browser (desktop and mobile)
The game has similar contentStickman game.

- Hours of gameplay with over 40 levels
- 50 weapons and bonus to unlock
- Epic's battles with a lot of surprises
- Upgrade your weapons
- Compare your score with your friends and compete against them.

Press left or right arrow to attack.