Stickman Fighting 3D

Welcome to the ''Stickman Fighting 3D'' game. This is a game produced and provided by Yuriy Nikshych, selected by our website and provided for you to enjoy and experience for free. This is the addictive fighting game of stickman warriors. With 3D graphics many characters and landscapes for you to choose.

`` Stickman Fighting 3D '' is a special development for Stick man fighting fans, League lovers of the League of Stick man and Stickman heroes.
League of Stick man fighting game in complete stickman warrior missions and defeat the judges throughout your journey to prove your ability. Time for the Stickman heroes to fight! Choose from many 3D characters and destroy your opponent!
Stickman Fighter 3d 2018 is a game about fighting skills and agility, in which you will want to string the catches, punches, kicks and weapons also available to you. Stickman hero game in destroying your enemies and becoming the bravest warrior. The best 2-player game. In this Stickman hero, the strongest warrior and the last survivor will be the winner.
With a wide selection of characters for you, rich landscapes for beautiful fighting fights. No matter which character you choose, your task is to use agile skills, counterattacks, acrobatic punches to the ultimate goal to defeat the opponent as quickly as possible. You must be the hero Stickman Fight in the most epic battles you have ever seen.

''Stickman Fighting 3D'' is the most popular 3D action game for players. Join the epic Stickman 3D fighting game and fight in the stickman fight!

• Stickman heroes amazing tricks and destruction.
• Legend stickman fight realistic 3D physics and unique stick fighting.
• New stickman leg-ends Simple and easy controls but hardcore gameplay.
• interesting multiple levels.
• Stickman fighter 3d epic battle game weapons are also available.
• Stickman heroes game new design & beautiful HD graphic style.

Developer: Stickman Fighting 3D is made by Yuriy Nikshych.
Initial release game date: November 2019
Platform: Android, Web browser, iOS
The game has similar content: Poki Stickman Games.

- WASD: movement
- TYU, GHJ: different attacks
- Space bar: pause menu