Stickman Jumper

Stickman Jumper
Experience real parkour and master the most extreme coups and base jump!

The main goal of the game - use the flexible control of the left / right arrow keys to let the stickman land correctly and score points, if you make a mistake you will have to start over. On the way, you will expect a variety of obstacles that can shock, or just push you off the platform.
Stickman Jumper is an innovative and fun casual game! Beat your high scores by jumping as high as you can, avoid the enemy or tricky obstacles and boost your score by using one of the numerous boost items!

Stickman Jumper a good timekiller that will delight you in any free time. Try to stay on the bricks as long as possible and score maximum points, Stickman Jumper will allow you to pump the skill of care and dexterity. Enjoy!

- Minimalist graphics
- Parkour-inspired gameplay
- Character customization
- Hardcore gameplay
- Training level
- Table of ratings and achievements.

Arrows = Move.