Stickman School Run

Stickman School Run
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"Stickman School Run" is a game provided by PLAYTOUCH, this is an addictive stickman game, taken by us and presented to you. Stickman School Run 'is a game suitable for all ages, come and test your skills in this obstacle race!
A stickman content simulation is trying to overcome obstacles,which are items that serve the guy's learning of sticks like books, scissors ..., he wants to avoid learning tasks such as doing homework home, he has the feeling that he is very afraid to go to school. The game is a thrilling performance of this stickman, overcoming all obstacles and rescuing his girlfriend.
Each level will be difficult, by obstacles and terrain layout there. Your mission is to guide him until the end of each level. You will have to jump from platforms without falling into traps, but you will also have to avoid the difficulties that are coming to you. Good luck! Enjoy!

- 100 levels
- 300 stars to collect
- Play with friends to compare who gets the highest score
- Use the arrow keys or Touch the screen to jump or crouch

Developer: Stickman School Run is made by PLAYTOUCH.
Initial release game date: August 2019
Platform: Android, Web browser, iOS
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