Stickman War

Stickman War
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Play Stickman War game, one of the biggest, funniest, challenging and addictive sticks game. In this game, with 27 levels of play, the level of play will be difficult to get up. Create for you to play with excitement and concentration, each player has competition and wants to pass every level of the game.
This game, your task is very simple, use your elite gun with the viewfinder to destroy all the sticks running from the two sides. To win and destroy all the stickman requires you to have fast and accurate shooting skills.

Each level of play has bonus points of three-star shapes, you destroy exactly the running stickman you will be rewarded with three stars. On the other hand, if you aim to shoot the sticks running incorrectly, you will lose three bonus point stars. And you have to start playing that level again.

Stickman War is an Action-Shooter game where your mission is to kill all the stickman to complete the game. You will be given guns to shoot as many Stickman characters as possible. Have fun! Enjoy!

- Vibrant graphics and silky-smooth animation
- Hours of gun shooting fun
- Easy and smooth control of guns
- Limited Time to Play each level
- Strategy and action game.

Use the mouse to lay this game.