Stickman Zombie Motorcycle

Stickman Zombie Motorcycle
Welcome back to our website every day. With the desire to bring you the best selection of games with many famous topics. Today, it is still a 'stickman' theme, but it is a completely new and exciting game. ''Stickman Zombie Motorcycle'' is a very interesting and addictive combination of action and racing game waiting for you ahead. Please press the "PLAY" button to start the game.

With the creativity of the game maker, it brought you a fun and engaging game. Zombie apocalypse in the stickman world is coming. You are living in this stickman world, you want to survive the dangerous carnage of the ghost world. Your last choice is to climb on a motorbike and start a dangerous escape. Race your motorbike through the hustle and bustle of traffic while trying to escape the tsunami of undead. Collect different powers such as guns, shields and turbo boosts.
Your life will completely depend on your motorbike and shooting skills, because on the road is the appearance of many obstacles and zombies.
Be truly calm and handle situations on your way out. You will be the hero in the escape before the dangerous world of zombies.
The game is a delicate combination of content and graphics, this is a game that creates a sense of relaxation for you after hours of work and study. Much fun! Enjoy!

Release Date: December 2019 (WebGL).
Developer: Yuriy Nikshych developed Stickman Zombie: Motorcycle .
Platforms: Web browser; Android

Left or right arrow: Move- driving;
Space bar: boost speed;
X: throw grenade (when available);
Z: use weapon (when available);
P: pause.