Subway Clash 3D

Get ready to fight the trigger shooter in the underground tunnel, fighting on the rails of the modern subway. Conquer enemies by attacking enemy soldiers with weapons and turning them into battlefields.
You will have a different goal at each stage, complete your upgrades goal, have more weapons, this will help you complete better missions.
Subway Clash 3D is one of the best games in our shooting game theme. In this game, the action of the brutal attack will test your nerves to become a realistic sniper gunner and kill the enemies.
You are a well-trained member of the Special Forces and Special Forces teams. Equipped with sub machine guns, sniper rifles, and stunning grenades, you will navigate secret missions around the globe to destroy the evil syndicate standing in a world of peace, protecting your own life. . Enjoy this fun game.

Mouse- Look Around/Shoot;
SPACE- Jump.