Subway Runner

Subway Runner is an addictive relaxing game with millions of players around the world, this is the latest free 3D running adventure very interesting to play, selected and provided by our website. We are bringing all the new features to players and fans of this runner game. Let's start the game with fascinating chases.

Choose a character and skateboard to surf on buses and subways, run as fast as possible to escape the police. Hurry, run, surf in unidentified subway, explore exit to escape inspection. Unlock new characters and see how far you can run! Magnets can help you collect more money. Run like hell and challenge your limits. Nice graphics, smooth running to control, drag left & right to avoid rushing away! Beautiful snow, subway or bus combination scene! Unique scene design, perfect rush game run!

Focus on all your energy, run with the beat of the music. This game allows you to freely and roam the rails. Intuitive controls to run left or right, jump into the sky to earn more money, slide excitedly to safety! Each level has a unique mission for you so get ready for it! Do not stumble or you will lose the level. Hurry as fast as you can to avoid the oncoming trains. Underground city adventure travel along the metro tracks starts now, surf the web with your friends. To control the game, you only need to use the arrow keys or ASDW keys to move and jump, or you can use the swipe of the screen in the direction of the character in mobile phones and tablets.
Subway Surfers allows players to use assistance such as magnets, jet bags, double points, high boots, and skateboards.
Magnets: Pick up on while running, have the ability to attract coins around the character.
Usage time is 10 seconds, players can increase the use of time for magnets in the store (Maximum 30 seconds).
Jet bag: Helps the character soar and collect coins in the sky, the jet bag emits multi-colored smoke from the two rear tubes and has a usage time of 10 seconds (Up to 30 seconds upgrade).
Duplicate points: Help players double the score in 10 seconds (Up to 30 seconds upgrade).
High boots: Characters can jump 2 times higher than normal in 10 seconds (Up to 30 seconds upgrade similar items above).
Skis: Skis help protect characters from tripping, hitting obstacles or getting caught in 30 seconds and do not need to upgrade the use time. You can buy it for 300 cents each time you use a skateboard or open it in a Mysterious Box. Press twice on the screen to use the skateboard.
Characters and Skis:
Jake is the male character in this first default version of the game. Jake appears in the game icons.
Inspectors chasing play characters.
Much fun! Have fun!

- Challenge the highest score against world players
- acrobatics as fast as lightning
- Different characters to choose from
- Colorful and vivid HD graphics
- Complete quests to unlock more multiplier rewards

Developer: Subway Runner is made by Kiloo and SYBO Games.
Initial release game date: September 2019
Platform: Android, iOS, Kindle And Windows 10 Mobile.