Super Smash Flash 2

Hi Friends!! We are delighted to be able to provide you with the games you have selected every day on the website. All included Flash, HTML5, 3D games ... Today, you will enjoy a new fun, new addictive Flash game, . Come to the game 'Super Smash Flash 2'. This game was produced by Gregory Cleod9 McLeod of Cleod9 Productions and published by McLeodGaming in 2007. Super smash flash 2 is a reboot from a very popular game - super smash flash games. In addition, it is based on the Super Smash Bros and Super Smash Bros series.

Super smash flash 2 is a great fighting game with a lot of great characters from classic games and famous cartoon films in the world like Mario, Goku, Naruto, Sonic, Dongkey Kong, Mega man, Bomber man, Ichigo, Pikachu, ... this game provides you 25 characters, 44 maps to battle, and 2 game modes being time mode and stock mode to play and enjoy.
In this game, You just pick your favorite character and launch it to play from your side, just start the battle, and have a close eye to damage better.
Super Smash is a flash game, and it attracted large crowds due to the content of the game. Super Smash Flash 2 is the next version of the original game.
In this Super Smash Flash 2 game, there are 35 characters in super smash 2 flash, each character is a warrior representing for the universe they belong to. For each character, they have special attacks, standard attacks, and a special attack called Final Smash.
Super smash flash 2 has redirects the whole fighting genre into a new area of the gaming to make it historical gameplay ever made.
You are going to hit hard to your enemy, to fall him down to hunt him down, otherwise, the opponent will make it to the same.

The game is exciting, giving players a sense of relaxation, and with cute graphics, this is a game suitable for all ages, especially children. Hope you will enjoy and share with your friends to play more. Enjoy Smash Flash 2 game. Start playing the game now. Much fun!

Player 1:
WASD to move
U to grab something
I to shield
O to perform attack 1
P to perform attack 2
1 to taunt
Player 2:
WASD to move
5 to grab something
1 to shield
2 to perform attack 1
3 to perform attack 2
4 to taunt