Sushi Party

Sushi Party
Please continue to visit our website every day. New Year 2020 has come, we are always looking forward to a selection of good games, unique to bring you to play and relax every day. Today, a game called "Sushi Party" will be introduced to you. This is the famous .io theme game, played and downloaded by a lot of people around the world. Let's start playing and enjoy it.
`` Sushi Party '' is a Japanese-style .io game, Play Sushi Party online with other people around the world, or with a single-user computer. Invite friends to play with. Upgrade your control snake and compete with other players in the ranking. Use positive skills and enhanced games.
The goal of the game is to make your snake reach the biggest mass and reach the first place in the server.
Attractive and easy to play, It's great if you don't do that.Enjoy a twist on your computer screen or phone. Just like the classic Snake game that has created mobile phones and antique computers for decades, in this game, your task is to control the snake to eat all shushi food, so that your snake achieve the largest volume. Pay attention during the process of eating the food, your snake controls to avoid colliding with other snakes, otherwise you will have to play again from the beginning.
Shushi snake game (a famous dish of the country of Japan) This is an addictive game that many players are part of the io game family.
In Sushi Party, you have a chance to win even if you are small. You can skillfully eat lots of food and shushi to defeat them. Can you become the longest slither? Have fun!

Developer: Sushi Party is made by Terminarch Games.
Initial release game date: February 2020
Platform: Android, Web browser, iOS.

Use the mouse to play this game.