Swords And Souls

Swords And Souls
Swords And Souls is an action game selected by Pokicom.com website specifically for you. This game is played and downloaded by a lot of people around the world.

Swords And Souls is a flash-based game, a new game of Soul Studio. The content of this game: that you have to build a heroic hero image and bravely fight in every arena.
First: create a hero warrior in your own way: you can name them, choose their hair and armor color, and change their face and eyes style. After you have created your perfect hero, you can start participating in every fascinating adventure.

Before you start fighting in the arena, you can train your skills with the poppet guide. You can train your strength, defense, accuracy, and agility. Each type of training you must complete a different mini-game. When you level up, you can improve your stats and also learn new moves and skills. In battles, your character attacks automatically but you can control their special attacks and defense skills, etc. Your task is to use and flexible control operations against enemy attacks, this task is not easy, because the enemy's automatic attacks are very fast, with different postures, you have to be really agile and control the write operation on the keyboard.
Can you become a legendary hero and defeat all magic creatures?
A packed action gladiator game which applies the right strategy and tactics to select the perfect attack, train heroic warrior in your way to forming a legendary hero of victory in every battle war. That will give you a perfect victory.

We hope that, with the plot being a great action and strategy game, you will have the opportunity to experience and play it in a fun and addictive way. Cond waited for more, start playing it and share with friends. Much fun! Enjoy!

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