Tank Trouble

Tank Trouble
Welcome to the Tank Trouble game, this is an interesting tank shooter game you can play it and enjoy it for free at Pokicom.com - The site for all free online games is specially selected to bring to you. You can also play it in your browser or mobile as well.

Tank Trouble is the final new game of the day on our website and it one of the most recent games. With addictive gameplay and simple graphics, this is a maze party game that allows 1-3 players to play together on one computer. The main objective of players to destroy all other tanks on the map to get points and achievement of the game.
After the game has been loaded, if you want to play against to computer select "1 PLAYER" button, to play with two players select "2 PLAYER" button and to play with three players select "3 PLAYER" button and let the game begin.
In this game, there are three modes in this game including play with Laika, 2 players and three players modes.
. Play with Laika is a mode for only one player. This means when you are alone and still want to enjoy this game, play with Laika is a great choice for you.
. 2 Players mode: This mode allows players and their another friend to play together on one computer. They will compete together to find out the winner.
.3 Players mode: This mode is for three players. They will play together on one computer and try to defeat all other ones to become the winner. This mode is considered more difficult than the 2 Players mode.
During the game: Some bonuses will have appeared during the game. If you pick these bonuses up, your firepower will be stronger for only one-time. Additionally, you can defeat your enemy by bouncing your fire with a perfect computation.
This is a game of competition between the fierce, each of them has its own unique abilities and drawbacks. And if you know detail about them, you will be able to take advantage to become the winner.

Tank Trouble is an arcade game created by the Danish Mads Purup, which can be played anytime. At your office or at home, whenever you have free time, play this addictive game. Please rate this interesting tank shooter, as we always expect your feedback to bring you the best. Enjoy the game 'Tank Trouble' ', share with your friends playing together. What are you waiting for? Let's start playing. Have fun! Enjoy & Thank you!

- Classic top-view arcade style tank battles
- Play against the computer or up to two other people
- Bouncing shots off walls allows for added strategy
- Upgrade your tank with bonuses scattered throughout the map
- Multiple maps add variety to the game and force to develop new strategies
- Use a variety of weapons, including lasers, missiles, rattling guns and more.

Player 1:
Up Arrow = up/forward
Down Arrow = down/backward
Left Arrow = turn left
Right Arrow = turn right
M key = fire.

Player 2:
E = up/forward
D = down/backward
S = turn left
F = turn right
Q = fire.

Player 3:
Player three uses the mouse key to move their tank and fires with the Left mouse button.