Thai Fu 2

Thai Fu 2
An ultimate action fighting game will be introduced by our website and provided to you free of charge. The game called '' Thai Fu 2 '' will be an addictive masterpiece for those who love action games. Let's start to explore and experience this wonderful game.

In this game, the game maker creates the board for 20 characters, The game has 2 options: you can play alone, or two players together
Use the maneuvers to have a great fight and find the winner. The characters in the game are shaped with the physique of many countries around the world such as: United States, Japan, China, Norway, Russia, Kenya ... Feel free to choose the character you like to Start the fascinating action martial arts fight.
To achieve the highest results, you have to practice and watch the other Thai-fu warriors and master their skills. Try to use your creativity, experience and agility to be the top competitor in this competition.

. 20 Fighters to choose from with different fighting skills and classes
. High Definition Graphics
. Arcade Mode - Play against 19 real fighters
. Single player mode - Play with AI
. Match practice - Tap into your combat skills
. Smooth Game Play forever

ASDW to move , jump

The arrow keys to move , jump
1-2-3-4-5-6 to ATTACK.