Tom and Jerry Chocolate Chase

Tom and Jerry Chocolate Chase
Tom and Jerry are an American animated series shown on television and theater with a variety of genres ranging from short films to long films. Produced by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera for MGM studios, the film is an endless confrontation between the cat Tom and the clever mouse Jerry bringing endless laughter to the audience. Hanna and Barbera wrote the script and directed the 114 episodes of Tom & Jerry at MGM studio during the 1940s until 1957 (the company's five animation studios closed). Tom & Jerry's original version won an Oscar for a 7-time short animation. Tom & Jerry has a large worldwide audience with all the ingredients from children to young people, adults and is recognized as one of the most legendary cinema legends in the public and electric history. American photos. In 2000, TIME magazine announced Tom & Jerry was one of the best TV shows of all time.

The series is about the endless battle between two rivals, a domestic cat and a baby mouse. Each episode focuses on the plot to capture Jerry's cat Tom with countless sophisticated plans. What's interesting is that the cat Tom intends to capture the mouse Jerry to eat but usually due to conflicts. Today from those popular animated episodes, game producers created the game "Tom and Jerry Chocolate Chase". In this game, Tom will chase Jerry again today. Jerry decided to steal all the chocolate biscuits for himself. Tom doesn't like it naturally and that's why he started a chase. Play for Jerry and run for as long as possible. Collect cookies along the way, because if Tom comes too close to you, they will give you the energy you need to sprint.

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- Beautiful graphics, Attractive content.
- Suitable for kids
- Featuring the famous duo, Tom and Jerry
- An addictive sensation when playing the game.

Use the arrow keys to play this game.