Traffic Run

Traffic Run
A very meaningful driving game about its educational content for all ages will be introduced and selected for free for you to play and enjoy. '' Traffic Run '' is a game with beautiful graphics, which gives you an addictive feeling when playing this game.
This is a driving game in which your task is to control a vehicle when passing through intersections: junctions, intersections with trains, subways ... You have to try to observe carefully if it is safe for you to operate your vehicle.
The game brings educational meaning to everyone about awareness and safety in traffic. A hasty, careless observation will cost you.
With many levels, many challenges, many obstacles. The game will check your safety, and driving skills when crossing the intersection. Start playing and test your safety skills. Much fun! Enjoy!

-Developer: Traffic Run is made by Tokyo.
-Release Date:
+ September 2018 (iOS)
+ April 2019 (Android)
+ August 2019 (WebGL)
- Platform: Android, Web browser, iOS
- The game has similar content: Driving games.

Use the mouse to play this game.