Tropical Slasher

Tropical Slasher
Hello all of you, every day we bring you great games and a wide selection of topics, making you feel free of boredom on our website. Today, we will give you a completely new and exciting game. '' Tropical Slasher '' is a popular fruit game combined with the skill to cut them and avoid bombs.
With a combination of graphics and content, the game is a picture with a world of fruit, surrounded by wooden sticks and a knife. Your task in this game is to take a quick look at the path of the arrow to move the knife forward and cut the fruits and the fruit to stick to the next wooden stick. Pay close attention to the bombs mixed with fruits. Your knife accidentally hits those bombs, you will explode and play the game from the beginning.
The interesting point of the game is the combination of skill, time and the moment you dagger. The arrow will move continuously, you have to quickly select the time and control them correctly, cutting a lot of fruit and sticking to the next wooden stick. Use your agility and creativity to complete the game levels. Good luck!

- Free to play on different devices;
- Many juicy levels of the best connect 3 games with different challenging goals;
- Easy and fun to play, even more, fun to master with skills;
- Play and compete with your friends.

Developer: Tropical Slasher is made by newkidsgames.
Initial release game date: August 2019
Platform: Android, Web browser, iOS.

Use the mouse to play this game.