Water Slide Cars

Join the race in the spectacular environment of a country theme road with beautiful tracks. The icy water sled race is best for both worlds as it will give you the adventurous feeling of crazy water slides when driving a modern sports car. Enjoy your fun trip and for the first time have a unique racing experience.

Ride for free, Melt the frozen tracks with your turbo cars drifting away while enjoying great car suspension and realistic car simulation effects. Complete water slide game based on physical law to give you realistic racing experience. The game has 2 separate parts for you to choose from Survival and stunt. Each part of the game has 5 cars participating in the race, your task is to control a car with the start and compete with the remaining 4 cars. You must use your skills to reach the finish line as quickly as possible. The terrain of the track always has water, which is a trait to make the game difficult and attractive. Be the fastest finisher and win every level. Have fun! Much fun!

- Totally unique racing game scenarios
- shortest frozen waterslide tracks
- Modern & Luxurious sports cars
- Freeride, Survival and stunt mode
- Vivid graphics with astounding visuals
- Amazing car drifting effects on water
- Realistic sound effects

Use the arrow keys to drive.