Watermelon Shooter

Watermelon Shooter
Hello, all of you! Every day we always bring you new selected games and hope to hope that these are free and relaxing games that you enjoy and enjoy. Today, we will bring you a game with the aim of shooting a target. Game "Watermelon Shooter" will give you a sense of addictive, start and conquer the game.
With 20 levels of play, the watermelons are your target, you have 2 guns to choose from, the watermelons can stand still or move. Your mission is to aim at the target and shoot them. The number of bullets will be limited through each level of play. If your firing is not accurate to the target and the number of shots exceeds the number of bullets required, you must play the game level again. Watermelon shooter and gun games for free improve your focus and shooting skills level. This watermelon blast game is the new gun app where you hit the target with a real pistol in hand. Have fun! Good luck!

Features :
- Move gun Left-Right with the mouse to shoot the watermelon
- Addicting FPS gameplay
- Easy and intuitive controls for the action game
- Aim and smash the fruits( watermelon)
- Arcade and time attack mode
- Realistic crushing and smash sound

Developer: Watermelon Shooter is made by Tech 3D Games Studios
Initial release game date: August 2019
Platform: Android, Web browser, iOS
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