Wave Warrior Sonic EXE

RPG battle between Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man Zero and much more. Story goes like this Wave Warrior Sonic EXE:Long time ago when the power of dragon still has a effect on this world. the world is protected by 4 guardian and 3 warriorthey also known as a 7 legendary warriorhowever because of the mysterious fightall the legendary warrior have been died,but there’s still two warrior left,the one is zerozero fight to revenge the other legendary warriorand he finally found someone who killed the legendary warrior,his name is weilbut unfortunately zero is also beaten by weilweil make the zero reborn in 2 different part body.one is omega, the other one is sealed somewhere in the underground laboratory. the other warrior that known as a perfect warrior is lost mysteriously, and the legendary warrior is just history. but all the weapon of them is still left, some people believe that the weapon is sealed the soul of warrior that already died, scared of their power, all people locked all the weapon in the sealed mountain

Use your mouse to play this game