Whack Your Soul Mate

Whack Your Soul Mate
Welcome to the "Whack Your Soul Mate" game, you can play it and enjoy it for free at Pokicom.com - website for all free games online. "Whack Your Soul Mate" is The crazy classic game.
This is a relaxing, fun game with two male and female characters. They are a pair of lovers, but in their minds, they are always trying to destroy each other, there are gifts in front of them, each one always feels it is the joy and joy of being given to each other, but not Wondering that these gifts are deadly items destroy themselves
The game is fun, funny, troll of each character. Hope to bring laughter to you and everyone. You can play and experience the other ''Poki Whach'' games on our Pokicom.com website. Have fun!

Use the mouse.