Whack a Troll

Whack a Troll
Hi Kids! Welcome to the'' Whack a Troll''. You can play it and enjoy it for free at Pokicom.com - website for all free games online. You can also play this game in your browser or mobile as well.

This is a game when you hear the title, you also feel the pleasure and relaxed comfort of '' Whack a Troll ''. The game has simple graphics, suitable for people who like trolling games. You can experience this game on your browser because it is a flash game. In the game, you will be playing with the horizontal screen. There are 12 holes (3x4) and trollfaces will appear randomly on these holes. Your task is to punch as many trollfaces as possible.

The game will give you a lot of laughter, very simple you just use the mouse, with your quick shot and click on the box with the face of the trollfaces to punch it, the left side of the screen is the time you play (99 seconds), the right side of the screen is your score when playing (every time you punch correctly in the face trollfaces you have 100 points).

Enjoy '' Whack a Troll '' game. Start playing the game now! We hope you would love this game.
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Much fun! Have fun!

Mouse = Aim / Whack