Wild Bear Hunting Game

Wild Bear Hunting Game
You are a killer sniper acting as 3D assassin and big game hunting is your ball game. Be skillful against bears in a first person shooter (FPS) battle. While firing gunshot, you as a sniper hunter have to survive their deadly attack to enable more shooting at the army of polar bears. First you just choose a free gun and start the journey of hunting polar bears.

Bear hunting is an action pack game filled with adventurous hunting with your sniper rifle. To pass the levels, when playing you should pay attention to the target to destroy the number of bears in each level, and pay attention to the time and the map on the top of the screen to be able to flexibly manipulate The fastest feature to destroy the bears. Find beasts, aim with your gun and take the best shot. Bear hunting is a sniper shooting game filled with the thrill of killing bears and many more. The hunting ground is filled with trees, green forest, hill, mountains, snow fields and more. Enter the wilderness with your sniper rifle and the only way to survive is hunting. So don’t let the beasts to attack on you, find the wild Bears and hunt them down. Amazing gun mechanics, ultra zoom and sniper shooter skills will make your game experience even better.

Real hunter does not scare from extreme weather conditions or night hunting. Prove your sniper shooting skills and kill the beasts. The Game will let you experience killing and hunting and make you a modern sniper of this era.

Hold your breath ! Aim and shoot !! missed because you are not yet the best hunter in the region. 

Your bear attack angry hunting journey is going to be excited in Deadly polar Bear Hunting 3D game. Each level you pass, you will have the opportunity to upgrade your weapons, and use them to effectively kill the bears faster and more accurately. Much fun! Enjoy!

Use arrow keys to control the character move and mouse to fire.