Winter Clash 3D

Winter Clash 3D
Please continue to visit our website every day. With lots of content and topics we selected and provided for you to play free of charge. Today, a game with the famous topic Clash 3D action shooter will be introduced to you. The `` Winter Clash 3D '' game will be our chosen game for the upcoming Christmas season, with stunning three-dimensional graphics and incredible landscapes that provide the full depth of immersion. Play now for free and compete with friends to win an honorable position on the leaderboards.

In the game 'Winter Clash 3D', throughout the game are images imprinted with the identity of the Christmas season. You are the superhero leading the army of "Santa Claus" against evil goblins.
Addictive game with fascinating situations, beautiful images.
The goal, of course, will be to kill as many enemies as possible with your weapon and as high as possible in the board. In addition, you earn points which you can then buy various improvements to help you in the game or add life. Use your creativity, agility and use your gun skills to lead the army of `` Santa Claus '' to destroy all evil goblins.
With the welcome atmosphere of Christmas and New Year 2020, this is a game with the theme played by many people in the world. We hope that we will always bring you unique games, make you feel like playing and relaxing after hours of work and study. Much fun! Have fun

- Third-person shooter multiplayer game
- Throughout the game graphics are images of Christmas
- Cool 3D graphics and smooth actions
- Upgradeable character
- Hidden Barret rifle to use
- Works on any device

Developer: Winter Clash 3D is made by Freeway Interactive.
Release Date: December 2019
Platform: Web browser (desktop and mobile)
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- WASD or arrow keys: movement;
- C: crouch;
- Space bar: jump;
- Tab: score table;
- Right mouse button: aim;
- Left mouse button: shoot.