Wolverine Tokyo Fury

Wolverine Tokyo Fury is one of our selected action Games. In this game, run and slash your way through Tokyo’s rooftops with Wolverine. The mission is to kill as many of enemy ninja forces as you can as you keep on running over the roofs of the city Tokyo, in three different modes of gameplay: Story mode, Endless mode, and Survival mode! Fight your way through vicious enemies as you traverse through the dangerous underbelly of Tokyo! Upgrade Wolverines stats to make him the ultimate killing machine and achieve your goal!

Play as the legendary superhero Wolverine, Get the most incredible adventure and become to be as cool as a superhero fighter! You're only one tap away from the most amazing superhero game, fast-paced adventures begin right now! Everyone will be thrilled with the opportunity to enter a superhero fighting game where will meet one of the favorite characters. There's nothing more exciting than to study all the secret techniques of the superhero and become invincible. So follow the path of the real superhero and overcome different challenges on your way. Unleash ninja reflexes of the superhero in survival battles and fast-paced boss fights!
Plunge into the awesome fighting adventure with the ultimate action of dangerous outlaw fights and rescue the city from gangster crime revenge for civilians. Use the unlimited power of claw blades attacks to knock down enemies in arcade battles!
Show your skills of fighting and let your character gain the power of a mutant. Become the owner of a special technique of combat and incredible strength and agility. This is the fighting game for vigilante fans and superhero lovers. That fighting skills will help you to overcome hordes of enemies to become the x-hero of the city of dark streets.
In this game, You can play in Story mode to rescue the kidnapped Mariko, Endless mode to run and slash across the Tokyo rooftops, and Survival mode to encounter the worst enemies of Tokyo!

Enjoy the Wolverine Tokyo Fury Game. Start playing the game now! We hope you would love this game. Have fun!

* Features:
- Gorgeous graphics, compelling content
- Play alone and control the character in the game
- Training skills focus and agility, reflex.
- Addictive games and are a lot of players and download.
- The best action game of all time

Arrows = Move, S = Jump, A = Attack.