Step into the ring and get ready to wrestle. Battle your opponent in a pixelated environment. You must push your opponent out of the ring to win. Choose between 1 player, 1 player boss mode, 2 player co-op, or 2 players versus mode. Toggle off and on enemy AI. Will you be victorious or pushed out?
A fascinating wrestling game in a mini virtual world is waiting for you just here to make you live your happiest moments.
The great 2D wrestling game that we have selected and provided for you. The game is a lot of play and download. We hope you enjoy it, all for free. Play now!
Enjoy! Much fun!

* Features:
- Realistic physics
- One or Two players.
- Attractive content.
- An addictive game for everyone
- The game aims to train agility, reflexes and towards the spirit of the noble sports passion.

Enjoy the Wrassling game. Start playing the game now! We hope you would love this game. Have fun!

Controls for 1 player mode: Use Z and X to rotate arms and arrow keys to move and jump.Controls for 2-player mode:Player 1 use WASD and X, C andPlayer 2 uses arrow keys and O, P.