Zombie Derby 3D

Zombie Derby 3D
Please continue to the entertainment site and play the unique games, our selection on Pokicom.com. Today, we will bring you a game especially attractive, addictive. This is a racing, driving game combined with action along with scary zombies. "Zombie Derby 3D" will bring you to a scary simulation with cars and zombies surrounding it.

In this game, starting is the first free vehicle choice, your task is to control this vehicle moving around a large yard, where a lot of zombies are approaching your car. Your task is to drive that car to crush zombies to death. Use your driving skills, drive fast, backward and forward to crush and stab the dead zombies as quickly as possible. Otherwise you will get the blood-sucking zombies and you will be killed.
The game has many levels of play ahead, each level will become harder, and the number of zombies will increase according to the level of play, requiring your driving skills to be very accurate to control the car of you rammed and crushed the zombies really fast and much.
Will you win and overcome every level of play? That way you have the opportunity to change other new cars to experience new challenges. Have fun! Much fun!

- Stunning graphics, compelling and addictive content
- Many cars for you to choose
- Easy to control and drive to your liking
- The game is multiplayer and downloadable
- Driving, ramming, crushing zombies is very interesting for children.

Developer: Zombie Derby 3D is developed by BoneCracker Games.
Release Date: November 2019
Platform: Web browser; Android.

- WASD or arrow keys to drive
- G to slow time
- F to use nitro
- Space bar to use handbrake
- L to turn on/off the headlights