Zombs Royale

ZombsRoyale.io is an action game genre .io that a lot of people play online with you.

The mission of this game is, after landing on the map, you seek the best and most powerful weapon that Zombs Royale offers. Open shiny boxes to find needed loot such as machine guns, medic supplies, grenades and more. In Zombsroyal io, each weapon has six different colors and strengths. Do not forget to grab your most powerful rifle with you! Also, be sure to avoid the toxic gas clouds that form on the Zombsroyal map. You have to try and survive as the last warrior standing against hundreds of other players online.
Wage war with mythic weapons in this awesome battle royale game, ZombsRoyale.io a.k.a. Fortnite.io! Just like in the popular game Fortnite only one will survive. Each Zombs Royale io bout begins with an airdrop phase, in which you steer your parachute and glide towards the best part of the map. After landing on the map, your search for the best and strongest weapons Zombs Royale has to offer. Open shiny boxes to find essential loot like machine guns, medic supplies, grenades and much more. In Zombsroyal io each weapon comes in six different colors and strengths. Don’t forget to take your opponents strongest guns with you! Also, make sure to avoid the cloud of toxic gas that forms over the Zombsroyal map. Complete daily challenges to earn sweet rewards and save up to buy cool skins for your character. You can play Fortnite io by yourself, or with friends in a duo or in a squad up to four! Buckle up and dominate your enemies in Zombsroyale!
Fight your way to become the champion in Zombs Royale.io. Join in on the 100-person 2D, multiplayer, real-time battle royale game that's already. Play ZombsRoyale.io today!
Choose your mode!
- Solo (play by yourself against 99 other solo players in a fight to become the last one standing)
- Duo (play with a friend or auto-match with a new teammate!)
- Squad (assemble a squad of 4 players to prove you're the best team alive)

We are always looking forward to bringing you the best free games available every day for you. This game is available for free on our Pokicom.com website. Much fun! Have fun! Enjoy now!

* Features:
- Hot game genre .io
- Training for children and virtuosity players with high concentration, good reflexes, creativity, relaxation.
-The game gets a lot of players and downloads through addictive content and beautiful graphics
- Seasons: Every season will last a few weeks and grant cosmetics unique to each season depending on your performance! Win more and you'll be able to gain rewards at a much quicker pace!
- Rewards: Daily and weekly rewards are available, you will receive special coins or cosmetics for your character!
- Friends/Clans: Friends and clans (soon) will be available! Meet and hang out with your friends and squad up in-game!
- Cosmetics - Over 1000 unique character cosmetics will be available via in-game coins, however, some in-game items (non-balance changing) will be available for purchase!
- Leaderboards: climb to the top of the leaderboards to show that you're the best. See how you stack up against other players in eliminations per match or time survived!

In game.