Zuma Boom

Zuma Boom
'' Zuma Boom '' is a puzzle game! One of the most classic and interesting games! This is a game we have selected and gives you a feeling of relaxation when playing with this free game.
With stunning graphics, along with addictive content, your task in this game is to delete all the marbles of the same color before they run to the mysterious cave. A game requires you to be quick eyes to keep up the time to accurately shoot the marbles of the same color to shorten the range of marbles. If you shoot incorrectly, the marbles will be extended and will be closer to the cave, you will lose and play again from the beginning. With a well-designed map Easy to play, beautiful animation effects Carefully designed map Creative and interesting Add rich elements, you can challenge higher scores, perform moves Combos to create chain reactions and earn higher points. Complete all levels in this challenge mode! Will you do it? Let's start pressing the 'Play' button and try to pass all 15 levels of play. Much fun! Enjoy!

Developer: Zuma Boom is made by IriySoft.
Initial release game date: August 2019
Platform: Web browser (desktop and mobile)
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Use the mouse to play this game.